The sports and relaxation center is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00 or by appointment. Nice environment and friendly service gives the opportunity to relax and escape from the stress of the modern world.
Relaxing stays will be appreciated by all who need to recharge their batteries for the next working day, as well as by guests who want to relax actively. We offer an exceptional environment with perfect equipment and that indoor swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool for 8 persons.




Maximum capacity: 25 persons

Dimension: 11 x 6 m depth

1 x hour from 6 years   200,- CZK 
1 hour till 5,9 years          80,- CZK


Hotelguest 1 hour daily free from 2 nights.



Maximum sauna capacity: 2 People (3 Adults / 2 Children)

1 x hour in Finnish sauna or steam sauna - 200, - CZK/per person




The device for lymphatic drainage is a device that performs highly effective and safe lymphatic drainage massage based on pressure therapy. It is designed to alleviate the manifestations of cellulite and limb edema as a result of primary or secondary lymphatic edema.

Effects of Ballancer:
1. Stimulates collagen fibers in the lower layers of the skin
2. Improves lymph flow
3. Promotes the metabolism of skin cells - alleviating the effects of cellulite!
4. Reduces volume of massaged parts
5. Increases skin elasticity
6. Weight loss can be achieved by regular use

Lymphomassage - 1 min. - 7, -CZK / 0.6 €
Package: Lymphomassage - 5 x 50 min - 1500, -CZK / 60 €




Massage order: at the hotel reception by appointment

We offer a wide selection of massages that focus on the musculoskeletal system, not only to alleviate or eliminate pain, but also to relax, strengthen and relax the body and mind.






The classic sports and reconditioning massage helps to eliminate fatigue and tension, revitalises and relaxes the muscles
and stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system for everyone, not only athletes.

Full massage (back, neck, legs ) - 50 min  600,- Kč / Partial massage (back, neck) - 20 min  300,- Kč
Neck massage - 20 min  150,- Kč / Foot massage - 20 min  200,- Kč



A relaxing massage that soothes the mind and the body.  A fully natural experience using purely natural substances such
as silica and essential oils, it bolsters the immune system and helps to relieve tension and stress.

Full aromatherapy message (back, neck)  - 50 min  800,- Kč / Partial aromatherapy message (back or neck)- 20 min  400,- Kč
On request, our professionally trained staff will recommend a specific oil for you.



A unique, traditional and proven massage technique that provides significant muscle relaxation, eases tension and provides pain relief
and detoxification. The cupping massage is an initial massage with cups followed by the cups being placed on the skin to create suction.

Full cupping (back, legs) - 50 min  500,- Kč / Partial cupping (selected) - 20 min  300,- Kč



Honey massage is a proven method of healing that used the detoxifying and reflexive effects of honey in conjunction
with compression massage techniques, finishing off with a honey wrap. It removes deposits and toxins from
deep in the tissues and stimulates the recovery of body tissue. Honey massage is a great tonic for fatigue
and weakness caused by stress, nervous disorders and restlessness.

Honey massage - 50 min  900,- Kč / Honey wrap - 20 min  300,- Kč



Masáž lávovými kameny je spojením speciálních masérských technik, které mají ve spojení s horkými lávovými kameny silný terapeutický, relaxační a uvolňující účinek.
Masáž slouží ke stimulaci krevního oběhu a lymfatického systému. Prohřívá celé tělo, napomáhá k detoxikaci organismu a vyrovnává energii v těle.
Je vynikající při bolestech zad a kloubů.

Celková masáž (záda, nohy) - 50 min  800,- Kč / Částečná masáž (záda) - 20 min  450,- Kč



Jednorázové rašelinové zábaly na prohřátí bolestivého místa. Zábaly se aplikují lokálně na bolestivá místa dle problémů klienta (např.. záda, klouby).
Velice vhodná metoda před masáží.Vhodné na uvolnění bolesti svalů, problémy s artrózou, chronické stavy revmatického původu,
uvolnění bolestí kloubů a páteře.

zábal (dle výběru ) - 20 min  150,- Kč



The chocolate massage and wrap is an exclusive skin treatment that uses a blend of chocolate to provide
the beneficial effects of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in cocoa powder and almond oil.
A chocolate nourishes the skin, restores its elasticity, softness, suppresses cellulite and counteracts aging.
A chocolate massage leaves your skin feeling softer and smooth.

Full massage - 50 min  800,- Kč / Partial massage (of your choice) - 20 min  400,- Kč



The unique composition of Dead Sea products means they have a beneficial effect in the treatment
of psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism, acute and chronic inflammation or pain in the locomotive apparatus.

Full treatment - 50 min  400,- Kč / Partial treatment (of your choice) - 20 min  250,- Kč



The Herbal stamp massage has its roots in the ancient tradition of East Asian massage techniques. 
The mind and body benefit from comprehensive complex pleasures. The secret to herbal stamp massage is in
the combination of hot oil and delightfully scented herbs. An unforgettable experience.

Full massage - 50 min  800,- Kč / Partial massage - 20 min  450,- Kč



Harmonising body and soul, this massage relieves stress and tension, eases migraines, oxygenates the brain,
improves concentration, bolsters the immune system, tissues and muscles.

20 min - 270,- Kč


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