Hotel Spindlerova bouda: Ballancer

Lymphomassage – 1 min. – 0.6 € – a system Ballancer
Package: lymphomassage – 5 x 50 min. – 60 €
We recommend at least 30 minutes. magnification effect for up to 50 min ..
The procedure should be repeated at least 3 to 5 times for the appearance of 100% efficiency (partial or substantial reduction of cellulite)
An apparatus for lymph drainage Ballancer the device, performing under pressure therapy highly effective and safe lymphatic drainage massage.
It is designed for reducing cellulite and swelling of limbs due to primary or secondary lymphatic edema.

Effects of Ballancer
Stimulates collagen fibers in the lower layers of skin.
Improves lymph flow
Supports the metabolism of skin cells – reduce cellulite
Reduces the volume of massaged parts
Increases skin elasticity
Regular use can achieve weight loss..